One-on-One Tutoring

If you live in Phnom Penh, One to One Khmer Lessons with a native speaker is the best way to learn a new language.

We use both conversation and books to guide our students and strengthen their Khmer language skills. At the same time we share Khmer customs and culture so our students can enjoy and participate in the daily life of Cambodia and its people.

As your Khmer language skills improve you will be able to converse with Cambodians in daily interactions, and with the reinforcement of our lessons your Khmer language skills will quickly progress.

Khmer Lessons

Our Khmer Lesson team is very flexible as to the time and place of our Khmer Lessons. We have found that most students enjoy having lessons at their favorite coffee place, where the atmosphere is relaxed and casual, with many opportunities to use words and phrases that you will be learning.

Beginning Khmer Lessons
Topics include

– Greetings
– Common phrases
– Question phrases
– Directions
– Dates, times & numbers
– shopping
– Food, restaurants & markets
– Medical phrases
– Reading, writing & pronunciation

Intermediate Khmer Lessons

– Increasing vocabulary & conversation skills

Advanced Khmers Lessons

Addressing any aspects of Khmer language, business, culture and ideas, as the student wishes.

Khmer Lesson pricing

Regular rate $10 usd per hour

Khmer Lesson package pricing

10 hours = $90 usd
20 hours = $170 usd
30 hours = $250 usd

We usually meet our new students online. We can then discuss the students needs and abilities and make decisions on the best learning methods for each student.

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