Online Private Lessons

We offer online private lessons using the same books and materials we use with on site lessons. We have students from 26 countries that have taken lessons in language and culture with our native Khmer speakers.
Students combine book learning with conversation to increase vocabulary and phrase making ability.
Our Khmer online lessons have become very popular with our students, as they offer the student complete flexibility as to the time and place of their lessons.

Lesson Pricing
Standard rate –
– 15.00 USD per hour
Package rates
– 10 hour = 140.00 USD
– 20 hours course = 260.00 USD
– 30 hours course = 385.00 USD
– 40 hours course = 495.00 USD
In our experience, Khmer Lesson students can speak basic Khmer after 30 hours.
Payment can make through these methods
Western Union
Money Gram

Course Type
Topics include
– greetings
– common phrases
– question phrases
– directions & places
– dates, times & numbers
– food & restaurants
– shopping and going to markets

reading and writing
learn Khmer consonant and vowel
pronunciation and tone

Acquiring more vocabulary on topics of interest to the student
Khmer Lesson team is very flexible as to your requirements, we can offer lessons on any topic that you need.
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WhatsApp: 092606263
Skype: 092606263

We meet our student online before we start online classes. So together we can assess the students needs and preferences.