The Khmer Lesson team is comprised of established and experienced Khmer tutors. We have trained as professional tutors since 2017, working with expats and local teachers alike.

The Khmer Lesson team have taught students and expatriates from a range of professions and organisations, including missionaries, UNDP, UNICEF, ECCC, KOICA, volunteers, NGO employees, embassy staff, employees of the Rosewood Hotel, teachers in international schools, and more.

The role of the Khmer Lesson team is also not simply to share Khmer language but to pass on Khmer culture and Khmer tradition to the world.
With 33 consonants, 24 vowels, and many sounds not typically used in foreign languages, self-learners of Khmer often find it difficult to achieve correct pronunciation. The Khmer Lesson team understands this and has developed a unique method of teaching that is both easy and fun. As a result, students will be able to speak Khmer in the shortest possible time and in an understandable way. Trust us, there is no stress at all to study Khmer language with the Khmer Lesson team.

We believe success in learning a new language comes from “Motivation” and “Patience”, and have adopted this as the slogan of the Khmer Lesson team; we strive to motivate and be both patient with, and encourage patience from, our students, who achieve well as a result.
Since technology is now widely available, your location is no hinderance to learning Khmer. We have online courses for our students to study through social network programs, Skype or any platform of their choice.

We naturally provide one-on-one tutoring and group learning for our students living in Phnom Penh, wherever they please. Just choose your favourite coffee shop or co-working location for learning and we will come to you. Enjoy the taste of Khmer coffee while learning a new language with us? Such a relaxing way to study, isn’t it?
Alternatively, meet us online. We have a Youtube channel to provide Khmer Lessons (Speaking, Reading, Listening, and Writing ), with topics on Khmer Food, Khmer Culture, Khmer tourist site, and so forth.

The other method that you can meet us, we have Youtube channel to provide Khmer Lesson (Speaking, Reading, Listening, and Writing ) , Khmer Food, Khmer Culture, and Khmer tourist site ..etc